Why Buy iCam Pole?

SMARTPHONE/WiFi FRIENDLY: Use your iPhone, Android & Tablet to view, snap, and transmit images from the ground!

INCREASED FIELD OF VISION: Tilt, pan and scan larger areas from a single vantage point; zoom up to 18x to see vast distances

MASSIVE 24 FT HEIGHT: See things higher and safer than from any traditional ladder, while never leaving the ground!

VERSATILE: Works above ground, below ground AND even Underwater (with available equipment)

COMPACT, RUGGED YET LIGHTWEIGHT: Under 3 lbs and only 48-in long: Easily fits in any car or truck

CARRYING CASE INCLUDED: Custom case with shoulder strap will Protect and store iCam Pole on or off the job

WORKPLACE SAFETY: Reduce accidents by minimizing fall potential, decreasing the need for ladders and avoiding work at excess heights

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: With less equipment to carry, and quicker visibility from the ground, staff will see more locations in much shorter time

ULTRA COST EFFECTIVE: Allowing wide-scale distribution to each individual within your workforce, broadening their capabilities