Who Needs the iCam Pole?

INSPECTORS: Roofing, Insurance, Fire and more. Provides a Value Added Service to clients while keeping staff safe from ladders and heights.

RESTAURANTS: Provide a tool for management to regularly check roof and hood vent areas for grease accumulation and potential fire hazards

WAREHOUSING: Quickly locate and identify/photograph inventory; Inspect rack storage and general storage conditions of stock

SITE SUPERVISORS: Job site managers can quickly spot check work in progress allowing them to see a greater number of sites in the same workday

PROPERTY MANAGERS: Increase periodic checks of roof and equipment, without incurring service visits and associated fees

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Quickly locate and track suspects in crowded locations and events by enhancing field of vision

SURVEILLANCE/PRIVATE INVESTIGATION: Silent, portable and versatile enough to adapt to any situation (Night Vision equipment available)

UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Increases accessibility for the physically challenged; Wheelchair friendly design, allows users to see well beyond their standard field of vision to promote additional vocational opportunities

FIRST RESPONDERS: Evaluate and determine course of action from a safer distance for fire, natural disaster, and other losses.

CONFINED SPACE ENTRY: Access difficult to reach areas to evaluate conditions while minimizing physical danger to staff

SEARCH & RESCUE: Adds height to emergency signaling devices and enters inaccessible spaces to locate victims

ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY: Test air quality due to hazmat events, from greater distance, minimizing potential exposure

EXTERMINATORS/PEST CONTROL: Quickly and safely locate nests, infestations and identify potential hazards before staff enters confined spaces

HOMEOWNERS: Safely check attic, roof, gutter & crawlspace areas to ensure proper maintenance and identify potential problems. Allows lay-people to check the work of contractors without ascending ladders or unsafe heights

MARINE: Regularly inspect docks, piers, boat hulls and other underwater installations (Waterproof equipment available)

CAMPING: Setup portable perimeter security and increase visibility to see areas ahead while hiking

WILDLIFE: Hobbyists and conservationists can observe and photograph animals in their natural habitats from a greater distance and height without disturbing them