CellPhone Mount
CellPhone Mount
  • This is the newest version with more clean and durable material, It's compatible with all android, windows, blackberry and apple smartphones
  • Made from premium quality plastic and soft protective rubber for extended durability and protection
  • Features iCamPole¬†screws on both sides, a soft foam bumper, stretchable rubber arms and protective rubber lips
  • Fits iCamPole with a 1/4"-20 threading, extremely easy to use and super convenient to setup
  • Perfect for iCamPole
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GoPro Mount
GoPro Mount
  • For iCamPole¬†Mount Adapter:
  • Excellent quality and accurate weight.
  • iCamPole mount for attaching your quick-release GoPro camera
  • Compatible with ALL HD HERO Original + HD HERO 2 + HD HERO 3 Professional Cameras.
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